Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sometimes He's Just Too Clever

While making a very good point about something else, James Wolcott misses the opportunity to just be plain snarky. Let us pick up the slack. He writes:

Barely an earth rotation goes by without some chortler at Pisspoor Media or noisy cicada over at NRO's The Corner relishing the decline of the New York Times stock price, and using it as a proxy for the parlous state of liberalism and MSM journalism. And it's true, Times shares have suffered a rocky decline, as have the shares of most other newspaper companies.

He then goes on to make a larger point about the the ethics of the Wall Street Journal's editoral page. He neglects to mention that according to Rich Lowry the NR has been a loss leader for 50 years (link via TBogg). So by their own logic, the ideology espoused by the National Review is about as appealing as getting car-jacked. Just sayin'.


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