Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why I Don't Give A Shit About Lieberman Vs. Lamaont

There's a 72 year old woman in Connecticut who's verging on senile and who's barely making it on a state funded teachers retirement. She's had breast cancer and has been just lucky enought to survive. What the eff are either of these two jokers going to do to help this woman? I haven't heard word one. One would prefer we fight a war about it. The other would prefer we elect him. Whatever. Screw them both. Both Kos and the Moose can call me back when either one of them is willing to trade in something other than empty symbolism. The "Scoop Wing" vs "The Netroots" amounts to nothing but a shitload of empty to the people who actually deal with the day to day. So may you both be left to eat nothing but websites in your dotage. Love, Jay.

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