Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Good Trying...

To not be bummed about this, at least for me. Via Sadly, No! we learn that Syd Barrett died last friday. I'm among the small yet pathetic minority which maintains that (the) Pink Floyd only went downhill post-Barrett (with exceptions granted for "Meddle" and some of the soundtrack work). The first time I ever obsessively searched for a record was at age 14 when I spent an entire saturday riding my bike around to every record store in my northern CA suburban town and poured through stacks of used records trying to find "Madcap Laughs". I didn't actually find it, but a week later I discovered that my buddy's older sister had a copy and I got her to tape it for me. At the time I remember it being pretty mind-bending. I don't listen to that album much anymore, but there's a great compilation of all the Barrett-Era Floyd singles which I still play all the time.


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