Thursday, July 13, 2006

RUFNKM Link Dumps on the War

Except to offer panic and alarm, I have nothing of value to say about the developing war between Israel and Hizbollah. However, lots of other people do.

Update: These guys do too.

Update II: Let's hope this rumor is really just a rumor. Otherwise I think it suggests a certain amount of "things spiraling out of control" along with a certain amount of "things being hopeless". Also maybe something about the decline in our ability to lead the world. Hope our neo-con friends are happy.

Update III: Corrected spelling thanks to Accuracy Before Tact.

Update IV: This and this seem sensible while this is less than useless.

Update V: And then this, which, given what could be happening, sounds vaguely optimistic. Except there's this.


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