Monday, November 07, 2005


I'm feeling a bit let down my my home town today. I rode my bike to the train station today. It was a nice bike - a celeste Bianchi Eros purchased with the proceeds from the theft of my last bike. As I locked the poor guy up, there was some lady babbling/muttering to me stuff I couldn't understand. In retrospect, I think it had something to do with bike theft. I was polite - said goodbye and got on the train. That was the last I saw of my bike.

My time on the train was something different. Just as we were about to go into the first tunnel out of Penn station, I looked down at the ground, just to the north of the station and saw this busted open wooden box with what appeared to be a hand (maybe attached to a person) in it. I wasn't completely sure I'd seen it, and I didn't want some poor guy to get woken up and kicked out on my account, so I said nothing. On the trip back this evening, I looked as we came out of the tunnel to see what I could see, but I wasn't sure.

Not wanting to be the callous kind of person who sees a dead body and doesn't say anything about it, I went to the Amtrak police, who didn't seem convinced, (neither was I) but said they'd check it out.

Then I went out to get my trusty bike, and get home in time for half price burger night at the Golden West. Only my trusty bike wasn't there. In fact, the only thing that remained was the bottom half of my U-Lock just lying on the pavement by the bike rack. I felt a little like crying. I went back to the Amtrak police, who really thought I was nuts now, but they couldn't do anything. Some fellow bikers helped me figure out how to get home.

What I learned -
1)The number 11 bus will take me most of the way home from the train station. All I have to do is walk across Hopkins and through the woods in the dark.

2) My MARC monthly pass will get me on just about any public transportation in Maryland. It almost makes it worth the $148 that I pay with my student discount.

3) Motherfuckers in this town will steal anything, even if its got a big ass lock on it.

4) Nobody gets excited at the prospect of a dead body anymore.

So...if you're a bike thief and stole my bike from penn station today, please know that I miss it. So give it back. Its too big for you to ride it anyway.

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