Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lets Find The Protest Spokesmodel

Just saw her again. You know the chick. The one with the dreadlocks and eyes burning with nineteen years of righteous anger at the patriarchy. She has a bizarre speach impediment where she can only speak in sentences that begin, "One, two, three, four!" She must have a hell of a trust fund cause she makes it to all the big protests and gets on the cover of every news paper.

I guess she's just real photogenic, because she always upstages the soldiers and veterans. She's really eloquent too, because her quotes like, "Bush Lied! People died!" and "We don't want your racist war!" always get picked over the long winded statements of rabbis, priests and ministers. The only person who can compete is the pro war guy who was driving buy and is greatfull that Iraqis finally have all that freedom. Actually that guy's pretty good, like those 9 guys who showed up to speak out against the protestors and for the war. They always get the last word and they always get a close up. Pretty amazing you never get the wide angle shot of the 5 pro war guys surrounded by 50,000 protestors.

Anyway, I wan't to find this chick. Shouldn't be a problem, the papers always do.

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