Monday, October 31, 2005

They're Up To Something In Cleveland

Not sure how many of you out there are being effin kidded from Cleveland, but if you are, what the Ef' is going on here?

First off, Sunday night, nobody's here. Where are all the clevelanders? And what the hell are you people thinking?

There is some super freaky masonic shite going down in spades and the local vietnam veteran kill team homeless ramblers speak in more ridiculous riddles than elsewhere (oh, and they're from Baltimore, don't fret the local hustlers, blow hard and they fall, Knucklehead).

Seriously, there is public art that is wiggin me right the heck out (and I am stone sober).

First off, there is the 1860's monument to Soldiers and Sailors that has some truly bizzarro iconography. Wierder still is the city center monument (which, according to JJ the kill team bum, are connected by an underground toture tunnel) of a 25 foot queer aquaman leaping from a world fountain with a sea lion for a penis in mid layup.


And I aims to get to the bottom!


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