Thursday, November 03, 2005

My New Favorite Private Joke

My current workplace has mandated 6 day 60 hour work weeks with no extra compensation. Why's this funny? I get to hear several fellow employees - all of whom proudly voted for Bush (and one of whom called me all manner of names when he heard I voted for Kerry) - complain about how unfair this situation is. It's even funnier when they emphasize what a toll this will take on their families. I can't wait to see how they'll figure out a way to blame this one on "the liberals".

Further Hilarity Update:So the one who likes to call me names tried to have a little chat with me about how he thinks this situation is totally bogus and I cut him off with, "Dude. Wadja think would happen? We're behind on our deadline, and this ain't no union shop." I've waited my entire career to be able to say that.

Update(Links To Funnier Post Than This): Go read (and listen to)this post at RUFNKM contributor disappearingink's personal blog.

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