Thursday, October 27, 2005

All my outs lie in between

The old, homeless man dragging the stick
Tied on a string attached to his belt.
I tried to look into his eyes but only managed to see what I felt.
He offered me peace and I waved
And I wavered,
consciously separated by auto glass.
Please forgive me my home
My education, my beliefs, and my tone
The things I walk away from and the things I embrace
The smug look on my fat, white face

Everything I ignore and everything I abhor
Based on every lie that I’ve been told in every world I’m asked to hold

I see you with flaws and I see me with flaws
And I see you as human
Are you human?
Can look at me and call me human?

Please open your eyes.

This is life and this is how it works
ups and downs
flaws and quirks

We know with what we go
And learn from what we’re taught
Before the things our brain thinks and has thought

We make up the same lies and argue the same compromise

When all that’s done is done
The lord can’t keep us here no more

There's a whole world of ignorance built up inside of me.

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