Friday, October 21, 2005

Delay Mug Shots!

God Bless the White House! If you haven't seen Tom Delay's mug shots, they've already got T-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs and more, but lets talk about those photos!

Man oh man!

That first one is sort of scary. He looks just like Batman super-villain Clayface. Of course, I think I find the smile on his twisted noggin in the profile shot even scarier. Does he think this is all an elaborate ruse to throw him a surprise party? What is going on off frame to make him grin like that? Perhaps to make up for bringing him in the Texas Rangers are burning Cindy Sheehan at the stake over a pyre made from endangered Brazilian cherry wood and ignited with The Constitution. I don't think Delay has smiled like that since he received his first virgin sacrifice from the Young Republicans club. He looks like the twisted love child of Bob Dobbs and Grand Moff Tarkin. Actually, I think he might be.


You know,

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