Monday, October 17, 2005

Actually Mr. Teachout...

In the midst of a piece, which both complains about the politicization of the Nobel Prize and justifies Pinter winning it, our favorite conservative writer wrote:

All this notwithstanding, it's clear that the Nobels are frequently given for purposes less aesthetic than political, though more often it's the peace prize with which the Nobel committee gets stuck on stupid. (Two words: Henry Kissinger.)

See, that's why he's our favorite conservative writer. He can really set aside ideology in favor of good sound judgement. Sadly, no! I AM EFFIN' KIDDING YOU.

He actually wrote "(Two words: Yaser Arafat.)"

Not that I'm Arafat's biggest fan - but Arafat failed to entirely destroy three countries and Kissinger did not.

But at least, on the blind-ideology-driving-you-bonkers front, Teachout does better than our least favorite conservative writier.

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