Monday, October 17, 2005

Assignment: Backyard

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Having grown up in Bmore, I'm never really surprised to hear gunshots, but I can't say that I often hear full-on gun battles a quarter mile from my house. This morning however, as I walked the dogs down to the park, I heard just such a thing. And then I heard it again. And then I saw a big yellow sign that said The Wire . "Ah Ha!" I thought, "that explains everything," as if somehow a real shootout wasn't an adequate explanation.
Then a young, eager person, most likely an intern, politely told me to take my dogs and go away.

So I went home and got my camera and crept, Peter Parker-style back over to the set, where somebody stopped me and told me, politely, not to take any fucking pictures of the set. Fair enough. I guess y'all will just have to be satisfied with the knowledge that there will be a gun battle in the woods in the Season 4 of the Wire.

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