Thursday, April 14, 2005

They Must Put Corruption In The Water

After my first visit to Texas I used to joke that I finally understood why there isn't strong environmental protection regulation in Texas. Who the hell would want to protect such an inhospitable and ugly environment? It would be better to lay the entire thing to waste and build office parks and oil refineries in its place.

Unfortunately, one thing that clearly needs cleaning up is Texan Business Ethics. Any time I hear a congressman from Texas talk about ethics or governmental reform or the "temple of mammon of DC", I always have to ask "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Fix your damn state before you come telling the rest of the country how to act." The only thing holy in Texas is the writ of corrupt business;from Enron to Haliburton to the Bush family, there just ain't no escape. It even infects non-natives who end up living there. When do we let Texas out of the Union again?

Update:Night Light clues us in to an unsuprising link between Saddam and a Texan politician, but with a twist.

Update II: Hampden's own Mobtown Shank has a three part series of more things the matter with Texas.

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