Friday, April 08, 2005

A Swell Bash

Back when she was a media darling - 1991 to 1998ish - I could never understand why anyone took Camile Paglia seriously. She displayed every terrible quality of an over-educated pretentious loudmouth with nothing to say. References to slightly obscure ("I read about it in Art History!!!") cultural artifacts as evidence of erudition? Check. Irritating high-style? Check. Low-risk contrarian pose? Check. Advertising alternative lifestyle? Check. Constant self-reference? Check. Complicated paradigm for cultural analysis that meant nothing unless you were an acolyte? Check. Scrape away all of the academic posturing and you'd discover she wasn't actually telling you anything. Perfect American Intellectual Superstar! Well, she's gone and made some comments about bloggers. Good for her!

Even better is that Amanda at Pandagon bashes her good and proper.

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