Friday, April 08, 2005

Forgeries, Phonies and...

Now hold on just a second. Some lefties are leaping to the defense of the wretched Michelle Malkin because of this little outburst in comments at Political Animal. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Have we learned nothing from how the right handles this stuff? Quick hint: it's staring you right in the effin' face in Drum's post, where the comments originated.

Instead of chiding anonymous commentors for their obvious sexism let's utilize Powerline style reasoning: No real liberal would ever stoop to using such language. That commentor is obviously a Republican plant sent there to change the subject. The real story here isn't that someone said something mean about Michelle Malkin. The real story isn't Kevin Drum not deleting the comments. The real story is which right-wing blog, thinktank or Senator the commentor works for. I'm calling on Hindrocket, Malkin, Andrew Sullivan, Bill Frist, the Heritage Foundation and AEI to repudiate this drity trick. I'm also calling on them to apologize to all women for using that kind of language. We can assume their silence only means complicity. Have they no decency?

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