Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Warning:Guy Talks About Feminist

Via Sisyphus Shrugged we discover the sad news that Andrea Dworkin has died. Although I am the living embodiment of what she saw as the problem for women - whiteish, middle class, heterosexual horndog male - I always found her rhetoric convincing and her criticism worthwhile. She said things that absolutely needed saying; even though I would read her feeling like there was a loaded gun pointed right between my eyes I couldn't help thinking "she's right-on." With a few paragraphs she could demolish an entire set of bogus notions, and then do it again a few paragraphs later. Her dissection of the "sexual revolution" stands as one of the best "I call bullshit!" pieces ever. I haven't read her in years, but her work still informs my sense of what is appropriate and inappropriate in relationships between women and men.

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