Thursday, November 11, 2004

In Danger Of Accusations Of Far Left Wingnuttery

When Sullivan went on Maher and accused Chomsky of "supporting the Soviet Union", what he meant was that Chomsky was insufficiently virulent in opposition to the Soviet Union. Seeing this get started again takes me back to the glory days of the Net when I was an avid reader of and poster to various Chomsky and Anarchism related newsgroups (oh for simpler times), where threads would continue for literally years in debate about wether Chomsky was a quasi-facist, a liar, an anarchist saint and so on. In one of our earliest posts I said I realize he's contributed more to computer science than to politics(ask me sometime and I'll spend the next three of your hours explaining it to you), but every so often says exactly the right thing.

We have a fairly clear idea of what [Bush’s] planners want, but what we can expect depends on circumstances, including those we create. That’s what should concern us, not speculating about what we cannot know.