Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sweeping Up The Trash After A SullyWatch Party

Minor, but watching that vid of Sullivan on Maher made us want to shake fists and ask the, well, obvious. So we avoided the topic altogether. Instead, let's pick at something lame.

SullyWatch gives a little noogie to Andrew Sullivan for his lame use of the "mandate" joke. They did fail to point out the fact that the joke is so old it's got hair on it. So much hair that Conan O'Brien used it at the start of the first Bush term. It was an hilarious bit with the TV set head of Bush, and Conan said to him, "So lots of people are saying you don't have a mandate." And TvHeadBush replied "Well Conan, I don't think I've EVER had a mandate! Well, there mighta been that one time back in 1976 but..."

Our question is, did 9/11 change so many things that it just wiped away obvious jokes(especially from the first Bush term)? Can we start re-using all the old Bushisms like they're brand new? Can we now take credit for everything we saw on the Daily Show or the Simpsons between January and September 2001?