Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Our Eyes Were Too Welled Up With Tears...

We also note that commerce Secretary Don Evans has also resigned, and that also makes us sad. Not only was he the most charming and sincere member of the administration, he looked the least like a Marvel Comics style radioactive melding between a newt, a grizzly bear and a middle aged stockbroker - which seems to be the choice of physical features in this administration with Karl Rove favoring newt and human, Andrew Card more human but still newt, and Cheney all three equally. Evans looked more like what we imagine to be the "ideal Texan", all jawbone, nose and hair. Well, that's what he looked like before 9/11 anyway. Also, seems like Evans didn't really end up in too much trouble, although it seems that unless you're black and die in a freak plane crash, it's a fairly safe and anonymous position.


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