Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Our Great Neighboor To The North And Liberal Hate Speech

In the past few days several of the blogs we read regularly have had something to say about one Adam Yoshida and his recent post. We read it too, but dismissed it. Like everything else he writes, it's clearly the work of a deranged mind - perhaps a backlog of jingo macho male aggression has built up because maybe he didn't make the hockey team, or maybe Canada, the largest Blue State in the hemisphere just doesn't have a large enough manly jingo culture for him, or because he's such an effin' pig(scroll down for picture, or just read the blog) he can't get any you know what(apologies to everyone who's already used that joke, but really, why pass it up?) - or he just likes to tweak "liberals" by using infalmatory language. After all, he lists Coulter as a columnist you should read, and she uses inflammatory language as a means to distract people from the fact that she actually has nothing to say.

As everyone knows, we here at RUFNKM just love inflamatory language, especially when talking about conservative columnists. In that spirit, we offer the following. Hey Yoshida! Why is it that fat fucks like you, Bill Bennet, Roger Ailes(not the cool blogger, the one who runs Fox) and Limbaugh - who seem to be on the "values" train - don't know gluttony is a sin?