Tuesday, November 09, 2004

We'll Secede And You Can Have Your Carpetbagging President

So, we've joked on this blog about secession in both directions. I have always had a great laugh any time I go in to piss in the bathroom at The Sidebar and see the "Baltimore Secede!" sticker. But now more than one person seems to be talking about it. I hope you are all effin' kidding me. I like to think that the states in the People's Party Of God And Markets ought to have to suffer the next four years(and beyond) effin' well stuck with us. I mean, we all know they live off our backs(well, not Maryland, actually, we're a deadbeat state, but at least we have the good sense to know it and vote our damn interests). So we should remind them of that every chance we get. And we should remind them of it with a big flag with a picture of two guys kissing on it.