Monday, October 25, 2004

Bastion Of Liberal Fear Mongering Degrades Our Democratic Process

The Association for Computing Machinery is hardly a partisan organization, nor a hotbed of revolutionary political activity. They are, however, elitists. They believe in furthering the science of computing, so you can bet they got a bunch of fancy pants college degreed folks involved(Ashcroft must already have them on a list - crap, I'm a member!). With that in mind, I quote from a month old statement in regards to computer voting(which the Maryland Free State has seen fit to impose upon us):

In particular, many electronic voting systems have been evaluated by independent, generally-recognized experts and have been found to be poorly designed; developed using inferior software engineering processes; designed without (or with very limited) external audit capabilities; intended for operation without obvious protective measures; and deployed without rigorous, scientifically-designed testing.

I've got tons of confidence in our election this year. Guess that's why I'll be signing up for to be a poll watcher here, instead of someplace userful like Pennsylvania.