Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Does Anyone Remember Laughter???

Yeah, so the last few posts have been a bit humourless. To rectify...

At one point in the Horowitz interview, he was challenged on a point of fact. He then attempted to be cleverly dismissive and say, "Yeah well, the sky is blue." The caller pointed out it's been raining all day, and maybe he should look out the window. The caller was right, by the way.

I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite bits from the Jack Benny radio show. The orchestra director is offering critiques to the band, and says, "Hey fellas, that was great, but next time try and play it with a little more piz...piz..Pistachio." Benny, flustered, screams, "It's 'Pizzicato'!! Jeez. When you GIVE YOU the wrong word you can't pronounce it!"