Monday, October 25, 2004

Laura Rozen Almost Steels From Us

We thought the same thing this morning when we read of the 380 tons of conventional explosives that have gone missing in Iraq. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

In an effort to avoid the usual "why hasn't someone fired Rumsfeld?" let's do some random snark.

  • Perhaps all of you who make the "personal responsibility" joke about this administration have misunderstood the intent of the phrase. Instead of meaning that the President takes personal responsibility for the massive screw ups of the entire administration, it actually means the low level person who screwed up gets the axe. See, it's personal responsibility.

  • Maybe next time we decide to invade, occupy and "democratize" a country, we ought to put some people with the necessary expertise in charge, instead of corporate hacks, idealogues and effin' rich kids with no relevent expirience (driving ice cream trucks doesn't count).

  • I already thought Grover Norquist was disgusting, and this weekend I watched Greg Palast's movie . In it, he interviews Norquist, who says something to the effect that ensuring property rights was the highest policy priority once we got to Iraq. Exactly. We ensured an angry populace the rights to obtain literally tons of explosives as property.