Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Predictable Is As Predictable Does

So I had a slight notion to live blog the Horowitz appearence on Steiner today, but I couldn't. He spent the show offering his usual schpiel, which is "the left hates America and is unpatriotic." When confronted with the anti-imperialist traditions of American literature, he said "Michael Moore is a traitor." ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME??? Wrong answer to the wrong effin' question. That was indicative of the whole show. How can you argue with someone who thinks they're so smart they lamely attempt to pre-refute a point you aren't making?

I hate his style of argument. He insists on absolute accuracy from his opponents, but he's allowed to make grand generalisations and when called on it, gets flippant and petulant. It was like that when he was on the left, too. I wish we lived in different times, where guys like this weren't taken seriously.

I will have to give props to Steiner, however. He is a master at politely calling people on their b.s. I wish I had his ability to sift through inanity without suddenly shouting "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?". His interview style in this conversation is a lost art to our mainstream media. He let the simple truth come out by asking straightforward questions, allowing his subject to tie themselves up. I also enjoyed his comment that "You've just re-written history." I get the feeling that's why he let Horowitz on, which isn't so bad.