Monday, October 25, 2004

More Bush On The Stump Inanity And Also NPR Still Not Liberally Biased

For some reason still known only to my deep subconcious (although I think it has something to do with a sudden fight or flight response whenever I hear Shrubya's voice), my clock radio doesn't wake me up until NPR is playing contrasting stump lines from Bush and Kerry.

Shrubya's latest is a short description of Zarqawi , the man who has clearly replaced Osama as The Guy Shrub Spends His Time On. Shrubya makes the obvious statement of fact that Zarqawi was in Afgahnistan until Coalition Forces arrived - cue cheers from the jingo boneheads in the peanut gallery - and then moved to Iraq, where he is fighting us today. Shrubya then asks the question: "If Zarqawi and his allies weren't fighting us in Iraq, what does Senator Kerry think they'd be doing? Peaceful small business owners?..." ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Aside from Shrubya's failure to be funny, he really ought to be careful on this one. As MSNBC via Steve Gilliard makes clear, we really ought to be asking a second question. If we had a competent administration with a real counter-terrorism policy instead of a cynical imperial agenda, wouldn't Zarqawi and his people already be dead, and not fighting us in Iraq? The NPR commentators, blinded with liberal bias, couldn't bother to point this out.

However, when they contrasted Shrubya with Kerry, they really let that libreal bias hang out for all to see. Kerry has been going around to churches, giving speeches infused with declarations of his religious faith. NPR then managed to pose the obvious question. Why now? They then quoted some Democratic strategist as saying that Bush is obvious about his "faith", and Kerry needs to get out the Christian Dem vote, or something.

So what do we have? On one side a presentation of a string of ridiculous claims left uncorrected and uncontradicted, and on the other an obvious critique of a cynical electoral ploy. Liberal bias? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

Update:For some reason, today we keep crossing blog post topics with Laura Rozen , who has more details from the WSJ.