Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Screw you, Hitch. And while we're at it, did you even read the damn article? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

I can't let this go, as he was at one time a pretty big hero of mine. He's even written great stuff since his "defection" - unfortunately mostly about dead people he admires. Yet, every time I read something thought provoking about Said or Trostsky it's countered by yet more idiocy about current events. If he were half as observant and contrary as he likes to give himself credit for, why the hell does he play thought police during an effin' presidential campaign? I'm sure he feels he has to offer a counter-weight to all this bad press that Bush has been getting(ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME???), and remind us all of the "seriousness" of the war in which we are now engaged, but this is just getting tiresome.

He's more of a courtier than anything else. The Bush Administration is already in power, already has pretty much all the power they need in order to accomplish whatever the hell they(and he) want, so they don't need polemical aid. But hey, why offer real criticism of the administration IN PRINT when you can attack a magazine with a circulation of 100,000? I wish he'd quit trying to be the "conscience of the left"(Orwell, you ain't, chickenshit-Orwell actually picked up a gun when the time came, remember?) and either write something worth reading or stick to book reviewing.

Oh yeah, any thoughts on the rumor floating that St. Wolfowitz wants to get out of Iraq? Why not a column either quashing the rumor or attacking him for being spineless? Oh yeah, because Hitch = Hack.