Friday, September 24, 2004

Go Buy a Gun!

Since I'm on the topic of right-wing zealots who want to kill you, I'll relate the following tale. A few years ago, I worked at a non-profit org. in Annapolis, Maryland, where we took volunteers. Mostly they were older, retired folks, but occasionally we got a couple of homeschool kids. Usually this was ok, they were always pretty smart and they didn't make any trouble.

One pair of kids, a brother and sister, started to come in pretty regularly. The brother, we'll call him Kevin, was a pretty annoying kid. Used to getting whatever he wanted, he would get manipulative and whiney if things didn't go his way. I hate to say this about an eleven-year old, but I grew to really dislike him. It didn't help that he and his sister brought Jesus into everything that they talked about and made us listen to Christian Pop music on the radio. (I pulled the plug - that shit is horrible.)

One week, Kevin announced that he was going to "Christian Camp" and wouldn't be coming in the next week. I was elated for the reprieve, and spent the week relatively unbothered, assuming that was Kevin sitting around a campfire, spinning godseyes and singing "Sarasponda".

I was a little surprised, then, when he gave me a full report the following week.

ME: (trying to be friendly) What did you do at Christian Camp, Kevin?
KEVIN: (enthusiastically) OOH We wet hiking! And we did survival! and shooting!

At this point, I'm thinking "shooting...hmm, they must've given these kids BB guns or .22's at the most..."

ME: Shooting? What guns did you shoot?
KEVIN: My friend's dad brought his AK47 and an UZI...

AN UZI!? ARE YOU EFFIN" KIDDING ME? The point of this little vignette is that these assholes are teaching their kids to shoot assault rifles at a very young age. The question you have to ask yourself is "why?" If you think its so they can kill demons when the rapture comes, yer deluded.

The conservative christian movement, while not as scarey as the neo-cons ala Wolfowitz, want to take over the country and disenfranchise all non-Christians. They want to dissolve the separation of church and state. They want to take away a woman's right to control her reproductive life. Read the Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood) for a vision of what their new nation would look like.

They've been working on it for years, getting elected to school boards and state legislatures. Four years ago they got one in the whitehouse and he made one attorney general. Fine - they're good at manipulating the republican system - but they're also teaching their kids to fire assault rifles. Why? So that if their attempts to legislate themselves into power don't work, they can ram their arch-conservative dogma down your throat at gunpoint. My advice? Congress just failed to renew the assault rifle ban. You can buy an AK-47 with a folding stock. Go do it.