Friday, September 24, 2004

Some blog notes

Hey, Dave G(enius)! Welcome to the party!

Please post as often as you can. Your posts are a joy to read.

By Way of A Disclaimer

I just re-read my really pretentious post from last night. Eek. Pretty grandiose, if I do say so myself. However, now that I've used the phrase "WHERE'S MY EFFIN' PIZZA??" more than once, I feel some clarification is in order.

In no way is that statement meant to denigrate the importance of pizza delivery or the greatness of its practicioners. I do realize that, just like teachers, historians, soldiers, programmers, and tons of other people, pizza delivery practicioners(PDP) work hard, provide an important societal function, and generally contribute to the health of our democracy. Think of all the times you were too busy to cook, working a late night, cramming for a test, whatever. Who bailed your ass out? It was pretty likely a PDP, and they deserved that >15% tip you gave them. Although the qualifications are in some sense low(and in fact the essential one is one I happen to lack), PDPs rock, and I thank them for all the times they bailed MY ass out.

The same can not be said of loud mouth jerks(LMJ). LMJs make millions of dollars a year for doing nothing so much as running their mouths on topics in which they have no expertise, no understanding, and therefore have nothing to contribute. But for some reason, they still get paid, and even have an influence in society that is not comensurate with their competence in anything useful or interesting. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

So when I'm referencing an LMJ and say "WHERE'S MY EFFIN' PIZZA?", I am simply pointing out that their worth to society is FAR less than that of a PDP, and that they might consider giving up their LMJness to do something useful, like becoming a PDP.

I apologize to any PDPs who might have taken offense. And I hope I can offend some LMJs.