Friday, September 24, 2004

Influencing the Election

So Dennis Hastert and others have gone on record saying that they think Al Queda wants to influence this election "like they did in Spain". Go to Media Matters to read their documentation of more garbage like this. I won't link it directly because Dennis Hastert is politician, a Republican, and a hack - three strikes and you're effin' out. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Can we just make a law that says: "If you open your mouth without knowing what the eff you're talking about I get to come to your house and smash you in the groin with a meat tenderizer while your hands are held under frying bacon fat"? I mean ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME???

Luckily, he goes on to say that Americans won't let that happen. Damn straight. After all, ShrubCo needed 9/11 to justify the Iraq war. ShrubCo needed 9/11 to justfiy any of their policies, in fact. Al Queda was the best thing that ever happened to ShrubCo because it influences elections in their favor. Anyone remember 2002? So I say, Damn straight Dennis.

We AREN'T going to let Al Queda influence our elections. We're going to effin' well vote out the guys that let 9/11 happen, the guys who got us into this mess in Iraq based on stupid effin' ideology rather than sound policy, the guys who piss on the memory of Americans who died, the guys who insult the honor of our Armed Forces, the guys who created a recruitment tool for Al Queda, the guys HATE THIS COUNTRY(don't forget it. They HATE THIS COUNTRY. ALL OF THEM). Say it with me: "Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Dashcle, President Kerry(and Govenor Duncan if you're in Maryland)".

And by the way, Dennis, there's a table for you at "Groin Crushers Diner", right next to effin' Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist. Hope you like your fingers flat and crispy. Sorry fellas, that's just how I cook it.

Thankyou and God bless America. Now where the eff did I put my cigarettes...