Thursday, September 23, 2004

Why I gave as much as I did to the Clark campaign

Even lefty friends of mine think John McCain is cool. Sometimes I do too. I might have even voted for him against Gore. But ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Go here, and click the most recent speech which, I must point out, was given in Baltimore. The first 20 minutes is a bit dull, but the last half of the speech and the Q&A that follows pretty much settles it for me. I've even heard people ask why the left doesn't have a McCain. Whatever.

The left has a total badass general(shot six times, got up and continued giving orders) with the most respect for and understanding of our democracy a person could have. For eff's sake the guy taught courses in political philosophy, and I don't think that meant bible study with a quick refresher of Ayn Rand. I know why he didn't win the nomination, and given my generally low opinion of people who decide to run for office, I'm sort of glad he never had to get in the mud with Bush. But damn.