Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Old Glory

I just had an idea for America to show its solidarity with Iraq. Let's have American flags where the Iraqi flag takes the place of the stripes. We have 50 states now, not 13. What the hell do we need those stripes for? A little pathetic, that nostalgia. Let it goooooo.

We wouldn't have to change the official flag--that can stay how it is until we really need to add another star to it--but just the kinda fake flags we all have. Bumperstickers, t-shirts, etc. Kind of like the cute puppy flags you see fluttering over front porches in Hampden. But it would be the Iraqi flag superimposed on the American flag.

That would be so sweet. It would be like, "We're with you, brothers and sisters! We love your democracy! I mean, we love you, too, but we reallllllly liiiiiiiike your democracy!" It's quite obvious we all support the troops (well, except for maybe Joel Stein) what with the ribbons and all, but how would you feel if you were an Iraqi and shit's blowing to pieces all around you and you see a picture of an American bumper with a yellow ribbon on it. "He-lloooh-ohh? What about me!?"

Hell, I think we should do it for every new democracy. "We're totally with you, Hamas!"

But this isn't going to get across on a ribbon, I don't think. We need a new symbol. That way we could distinguish it from the ribbon for people who only support the troops or the democracy recipients, but not both. Hmm, what could we use for a symbol?

Here's something off the top of my head:


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