Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hey We're Not The Only Backwards Folks!

It's easy when you live in The U. S. of A. to begin to think we've got a monopoly on backwards assed thinking. Sure, you'll hear of the occasional cargo cult that worships a lost shipment of Richard Simmons DVDs and think, "Well, we're not alone." But it's always exciting to learn when other nations armed with the bomb are just as simple as we are. Turns out not only do the Limeys (or British, as they aparently prefer to be called) drive on the wrong side of the road, forty percent believe in creationsim. They think this God guy had a week off and made it all.

I probably should be shocked and a little bit frightened. Instead, I feel a warm glow. We're not alone, and like the tradition where simple minded children inherit rulership, if it's good enough for the British, it's good enough for me!


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