Thursday, January 26, 2006

Secret Identities Revealed!

Well, this is truly a treat for our tens of loyal readers! I, SuperOceanLad, am going to reveal the secret identities of each of those who are Effin Kidded!

Here is a recent photo of Dave G snapped while on the job at a dig site. Notice the piercing gaze and take no prisoners attitude? He's deadly with a trowel and hard to miss.

Deep Cover was tougher to spot. If you'll notice in the photo, she's wearing a headset which allows her to broadcast a mighty shout of "Shhhhh!" deafening all who hear.

Disappearing Ink was toughest to spot. The cameraman was killed mere nanosecond after this photo was taken. The film was found on the corpse outside a Shinto temple deep in the heart of the Amazon.

Klipper is easy to find. Follow the drums and the billowing clouds of pot smoke. Don't let the photo fool you, though! He rarely wears a tie. Little known fact, Klipper has sworn his life to protect the Plumbers Code!

Juan Dixon's #1 Fan, interestingly, hates basketball! Born in the Basque region of France, he believed his given name Philip, was not American enough and changed it to his current moniker. He is easily distinguished by his huge frightening grin and his bushy yarn filled mustache.

Just Me Here is new to this board, but she knows how to make an entrance! A Jet Powered Entrance! When she's not breaking hearts, she's breaking the sound barrier! This photo was captured by the Hubble space telescope which, for some reason, was aimed at Columbia Maryland. The apparatus she's strapped into there is not actually a jet pack. It was her vain attempt at improving on the Sousaphone.

And finally, the straw that stirs the drink. That's Jayinbmore on the left. When he's not dispensing Incredipunditry! or waxing on (And on and on) about hotdogs, he's fighting crime and building robots!

Know you know the crew, and knowing is half the battle!


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