Friday, November 11, 2005

Once Again Bipartisan

Glenn Reynolds(InstaPundit), he of the incomparable wit consisting of quoting people and then following up with the 20 year old pre-usenet BBS ripostes "Heh" and "Indeed" (which has always caused me to question his credentials as being technologically "with-it" when he thinks such has-been jargon is either unique or new), has received some blogospheric heat today. Responding to Democrats who want an investigation into the uses of pre-war intelligence, he accused them of "acting unpatriotic". When prodded by a reader for a definition of "patriotism", he responded:

I think it starts with not uttering falsehoods that damage the country in time of war, simply because your donor base wants to hear them.

I could hardly believe my eyes, and in the spirit of bipartisanship unknown 'round this blog, I could only shout "Hear hear! Someone's finally calling out Dick Cheney!" Then I realized he was probably talking about Harry Reid. And thus, my "Hear hear!" is now more of a "Heh". Or is that "Indeed"? Neither actually, it's more "are you effin' kidding me?".

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