Friday, November 11, 2005

Live! From Rockville (the Dullest Place In Maryland): A Random Ten!

Among other things, there are no bars to speak of, near as I can tell.
Ready! Steady! Shuffle! Post!

  1. Big Black - Bad Houses

  2. Spasm - 12XU

  3. M.A.R.R.S - Pump Up The Volume

  4. The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom

  5. Bauhaus - The Passion of Lovers

  6. Shriekback - Gunning for the Buddha

  7. My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When

  8. The Fall - Clear Off!

  9. Pink Floyd - A Saurcerful of Secrets

  10. Jolie Holland - Old Fashioned Morphine

I wish to thank the Shank for that last track. If it's good enough for Billy Burroughs it's good enough for me, indeed.

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