Friday, September 16, 2005

Spleen on a Meme: Friday Random Ten, Happy Birthday RUFNKM Edition

The drill is upon us. Put your player/device on shuffle, post the first ten items that come up.

  1. The Melodians - Swing and Dine

  2. Th' Faith Healers - Sparklingly Chime

  3. Derrick Harriott - Borne To Love You

  4. Minutemen - Retreat

  5. Wire - Men 2nd

  6. Autechre - Vletrmx21

  7. Quickspace - Quasi-pfaff

  8. Duke Ellington/Charles Mingus - Fleurette Africaine

  9. Derek Bailey - Pie[Amatossis Mix]

  10. Miles Davis - All of You

What, no House of Love this week? Oh wait. Here they are at number 11. IMNFNKY.

Also, I just noticed it's RUFKNM's birthday! We turned a year old yesterday and I missed it because deadline preasure has picked up again. So, along with your random ten, post the event that most made you want to ask, "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?". You can't use Shrubya's re-election because that's too easy. Bonus points if asking the question prevented an aneurysm.

Big DUH Update: Forgot to post my favorite RUFNKM moment. I think my biggest so far has actually been the discovery that our foreign policy was being driven by people who think the study of ancient texts gives them all the insight their jobs require.

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