Monday, September 12, 2005

The distraction of our free press

Larry King just asked the Dalai Lama to explain how a supposedly benevolent god could let a hurricane destroy New Orleans (Kill people, etc).

Let’s see:

Are you effin' kidding me?
Get over it. Nobody questioning god is going to look for answers on the Larry King show. Right?
I hope I’m right.

I’d like to see Larry King asking people questions that would provide the “educated public” with insight into why Americans are letting “hurricane Katrina” destroy New Orleans.
In other words I would like Larry King, as a member of the free press, to do the job the constitution demands of him.

Ask Laura Bush why she thought the hurricane was called Corrinna.
Ask Dick Cheney which “John” the person who told him to go fuck himself must have been friends with.
Ask Kanye West why he thinks George Bush doesn’t like black people.

I’d like him to ask the chief of police of Gretna, LA why his officers were shooting in the air at people trying to escape from New Orleans into his town?

The story I heard on “This American Life” was: 200 people, mostly black, tried to cross a bridge into Gretna and the Gretna police halted their approach and threatened them from coming any further with gunshots and police dogs.

A fireman (one of the 200, I think a white man) stepped forward presenting his badge, placed it on the ground and put his hands above his head. “May I approach?” he had to yell.

He was allowed to approach and told that the group could not cross the bridge and would be fired upon if they tried!

It was dark, raining and windy. These people’s homes were gone to them, they were no longer safe. They were being attacked by the world itself and it was as bad as any nightmare.
Then it gets worse. They could have escaped but weren’t allowed.
Drown or get shot.
Get electrocuted or get shot.
Get killed or get shot.

Why were these people turned away? Why were they forced back into the nightmare?

There is only one reason:

The town, a well-to-do town, didn’t want hordes of poor, mostly black, people running rampant through their streets, looting their stores and breaking into their homes.
Heck, they didn’t want any unfortunate people (white or black) even sleeping on their sidewalks.
(I can’t write “rich or poor” because it’s not applicable. If you weren’t poor you got out of New Orleans fine.)


Larry King posed the same unproductive “Where’s the benevolent god who let’s people die” question to a not-famous, young, white, Christian minister with a southern accent.”

Well, preacher said, sometimes I think there are just natural disasters and we have to remember that God is with us and loves us.


But Larry, why not ask the good minister if it was Christian how the town of Gretna acted toward their fellow man during the natural disaster?

Why not find out how many people in Gretna consider themselves Christians?

Why not ask the preacher if he thinks Barbara Bush is right and things are going well for the underprivileged as they are forced from everything that makes them feel safe into the arms of nighttime storms, shooting policemen, and general chaos?

America let this happen to New Orleans.
We are overpopulated and we’re converting “raw land” to “useable property” at an alarming rate.
God created raw land in the Gulf of Mexico to absorb the punch of Category 5 hurricanes.

If we had left it the way god had it we would have been fine.

Larry King should have asked the Dalai Lama how god feels about clear cutting forests, draining swamps, digging for oil, and building Wal-marts with lots of SUV parking.

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