Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Is That Thunder?

No, it's a rumble caused by the rupture of a pair of enormous gas pipes. There is no possible way for me to agree with this guy who says it "doesn't get any better than this"; it's more like a resigned "as good as it gets", which is pretty bad. The thought of a debate between two loud but empty British men - both of whom have, shall we say, dubious moral calculi in regards to regimes which murder their own people (remember, Clinton executing one man is a moral horror, Bush murdering hundreds is brushed aside with a rhetorical tap on the wrist and a wink, and Saddam is a man of courage and indefatigability) - suggests not glorious theatre and sport. It's more an evening of what my girlfriend likes to call "interminable ball-swinging". Neither of these ball swingers has much of anything to contribute to the actual debate so I think my answer to this request is "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?"

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