Friday, September 09, 2005

Cronyism, Incompetence, Are We Suprised?

This story from Time is making the rounds. I wish I could muster an "ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?" about it, but I can't. It is entirely unsuprising that Bush, in the interest of political cronyism, gave a high priority job to an unqualified and incompetent resume padder. This is exactly what happens when people who have no interest in a functioning government get into power. It is their habit, as with most politicians, to reward their allies with patronage jobs. What makes the Bush Administration such gross offenders is their willingness to hand out jobs that matter.

What is somewhat depressing is that we're finding out about it now, rather than, say, when he was nominated for the effin' position. Couldn't the blog triumphalists, like say, oh, Sullivan or Malkin - two conservatives who are now calling for the firing of Brown - use their superior wits and internet-granted powers to ferret out and publish this information before disaster struck?

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