Monday, March 28, 2005

The Friend of My Enemy(Who is Also My Frenemy) Is An Effin' Weirdo

This blog didn't do a whole bunch of the NaderBash durring the campaign, largely because 3/5ths of RUFNKM put our money where our mouths were and did it in person in the presence of people that mattered. In fact, we spent a good deal of ArtScape 2004 instructing said people in the finer points of the art of "getting the eff away from me before you get hit with someone's shoe". Best response from Nader supporter: "Ok ok but...dude, he wants to legalize weed, man!"

But now, via Phyrangula we learn that the appropriate time has arrived(Cooper has a bit more, but in regards to Randall Terry, the third wheel on this tricycle of tryin' my effin' patience). Nader has gone and thrown his dog into the Schiavo fight. This in and of itself isn't a reason to go after Ralph specifically;see this post by eebmore. But no, he's gone and joined forces with the Discovery Institute. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

In what can suitably be called an "Only In America" moment, an outrageous spectacle over a tragic, but mostly private, issue has managed to draw some ideological lines in the sand and allowed for a clean seperation between the sane, the cynical, and the unhinged. And what's this? Ralph Nader is firmly in the unhinged camp. Sure, Wesley J. Smith is an old pal of his. But Mr. Smith is also a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, an organization bent on trumping science with ideology. At first I thought it was a strange confluence that they'd even turn up on the scene, but it actually makes sense. The only verifiable evidence in any of this mess, aside from the obvious desire of Congress to make a collective ass of itself, is that Terry Schiavo is a vegetable. So of course the Discovery Institute would get on the other side of the evidence. And because his entire career is based on going out on what are increasingly ill-considered limbs, Nader adds his voice to the cacophony not in aid of any light, but to generate more heat. What I want to know is this: when is he going to just get up behind a megaphone and announce, election or no election, that he's legalized weed?

A final aside: What's with the revolutionary fervor of the "Save Terry" folks? You'd think the Supreme Court had just stolen their votes or something. I have one request of them. Get over it! For the good of the country! I beg you! Look into your hearts and heal this nation!

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