Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Name Is Your Fait...

One of the central arguments in What's The Matter With Kansas concerns the necessity of having the cultural conservatives constantly outraged. The reasoning goes that if they are constantly outraged, they are constantly mobilized, and this is good for the real beneficiaries of the Republican majority. A corollary of the central argument is that the best way to keep the cultural conservatives outraged is to have them constantly lose on their most emotionally hot issues. They get railed up, they get within what feels like inches of victory only to have it snatched away. Anyone wondering if Sunday's Bad Musical would eventually fit this pattern can now smirk and say yes.

It sure looked like our good friends in Congress were finally going to deliver on some Culture of Life issue. But in the end, all hopes are now sliced to ribbons by an activist judge who is a Clinton appointee. The enraged culture of lifers just can't win and in the tortured pseudo-English of Ann Coulter, "it's all liberals' fault." Whatever the true nature of the judge's political leanings may be do not matter. What matters is that he's now going to be subject to a barrage of slime - and with any luck a few death threats - from culture of lifers with no sense of irony. But those same culture of lifers know who their friends are and will energetically support them, if for no other reason than to sock it to those damn omnipresent liberals once again.

Update: Via Atrios we learn the predictable insist on living down to expectations.

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