Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Secret Love, Not So Secret Hate, David Horowitz's latest paranoid attempt to link people he doesn't agree with to some form of anti-Americanism, has suffered plenty of takedowns in the last few days(check RJ's at NightLight for a fine example, as well as links to other wonderful smacks). I visited the site shortly after it launched and found it dully predictable, as well as laughable. He's engaging in his usual pet tricks for the right, and I'm sure he's being handsomely rewarded by his masters(a belly rub here, a scratch behind the ears there, a blowjob from Ann Coulter surely can't be far off now). So why would we bother with anything other than "Ho hum, Horowitz"?

Now would be time for a confession. Since early 1999 I've harbored a secret crush on Katrina Vanden Huevel(it all started when my local SF chapter of Social Anarchists elected her "Socialist Babe of the Year for 1998" - don't ask). After reading this entry on her, I find the time has come for me to stand revealed as I jump to her defense. Specifically, I must object to describing her as "Limousine leftwing". This cheap epithet is so patently ridiculous coming from Horowitz that I must ask, ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?

Mr. Horowitz really ought not engage in cheap class-war invective directed at the object of my affections when his entire livelyhood is supported by grants from conservative foundations run by incredibly wealthy people. He hasn't done an honest day's work in at least the last 40 years. No, quarter-witted generalizations and piss-poor thinking - it can't be called "reasoning" by any half-intelligent person familiar with the term - and then opening your mouth or taking up your pen to let it dribble out like urine from a man suffering prostate cancer does not count as work. Any jerk with a computer and a mouth can engage in shoddy polemics(see - for instance - the entire effin' blogosphere). It doesn't take talent or unique insight, and few people make money at it unless they beg, or are sucking at the tits of philanthropic fellow-travelers.

I'll say it again. Outside of foundation funded polemics, Horowitz cannot lay claim to a single accomplishment, intellectual or otherwise. If you look at his life , there are no achievments, no discoveries, no buildings, no beautiful works of art, no novels, no contributions to the advancement of civilization or knowledge, no, not even a good cheeseburger and fries. In short, no works to complete the phrase "life and works". There is just the noise, bought and paid for by rich people who - like Horowitz - feel threatened because there are people in the world who might have ideas that differ.

If Horowitz had any brains at all, he'd realize that the "political reality" he hopes to document is simply that - lo and behold - lots of people don't share his half-baked views. The fact that many of these people are successful, intelligent, accomplished, witty, talented and yes, even wealthy, is no reason for him to get so worked up.

Horowitz fancies himself a conservative, so he ought to understand that if he's looking for actual connections he ought to follow the money. He can't (or at least currently fails to) document the financial connections within his rogues gallery. But his latest site proves you can take the Stalinist out of Marxism, but you can't take the Marxism out of the Stalinist. The only actual connections he can "document" are vague ideological ones of his own creation. Here he sees Juan Cole doesn't think Iraqi democracy is going to shape up the way we're told it will, there he sees Barack Obama being pro-gun control and ipso-facto, they are fellow travelers with Al-Sadr. It doesn't matter that the only thing they have in common is what Horowitz perceives them to have in common - he's got a paradigm, and he's gonna use it!

Discover the network? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? Why doesn't he discover me an effin' pizza?

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