Friday, February 18, 2005

RUFNKM Spits On Brit

I've stuck Oliver Willis' call for Birt Hume's resignation graphic/link down on the right hand side someplace. Many are pissed that he keeps saying FDR called for eventual Social Security privatization when in fact FDR was calling for private accounts for those who were too old to receive Social Security when the plan was enacted. Folks who are pissed claim this is another instance of a right wing pundit distorting the historical record to score ideological points. We disagree. This is yet another instance of a right wing pundit failing at basic reading comprehension. It is our position that someone who cannot comprehend what they read has no business interpreting what they read for other people and thus we think Hume ought to resign on those grounds alone.

As an aside, I would have called for Hume's resignation earlier because I think he's got soot for brains and is a pretentious jerk besides. But not everyone has the same standards I do - nearly every pundit would be unemployed if I had my way. But this is an egregious offense, and it appears others share my view now, so perhaps my dream can become a reality.

RUFNKM: Building a Happier World, One Unemployed Pundit at a Time!

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