Friday, February 18, 2005

Just Ask Rick!

Over at MyDD they're making a list of questions to ask Senator Rick "Foggie Goes A-Courtin'" Santorum when he makes his rounds attempting to drum up public support for Social Security "reform". There is a particular lack of elegant(and obnoxious) snark over there, so we're not going to muck up the thread by posting to it. Instead, we'll just posit two of ours here.

  • "Senator, when it comes to the public, are you more a top or a bottom?"

  • "Senator, speaking as a new dog owner, your obession with man on dog sex makes me think I wouldn't be able to leave my dog with you without you molesting her. If I can't trust you with my dog, how can I trust you about Social Security?"

Ok, so not that elegant. But we have to say, it's hard to be elegant when it comes Senator Froggie. And hey, he's the one who brought up the man on dog sex.

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