Monday, January 10, 2005

True Dat

(That would be our version of "indeed.").

Marc Cooper has an excellent post for us anti-war folks. I have to admit that my personal objections to this war were based more on the fact that it was Bush's, and therefore bound to devolve into what it has become, rather than being against regime change per se. So to me this scolding is well taken. As for other bloggers' challenges to me personally and to "the left" in general about lack of specific policy for Iraq, guilty as charged. I'll cop to being one of those whose main complaint about Iraq is a lack of same from the administration and what horrors this has wrought. Since I'm not paid(by anyone, least of all the American People) to figure that stuff out, and they are, I assume that's reasonable. I often wonder why the same people who think that government should be run like a corporation are the same people who complain when some of the consumers don't like the product said corporation is dishing out.

Whatever his post may have meant to me, I think Cooper is actually taking swipes at people like Naomi Klein, who he thinks support the insurgency. I agree that it's completely ridiculous for those of us on the left who are against the war to go so far as to offer anything resembling solidarity to the insurgency as a whole. I have no sympathy for these people. My severe worry, though, is that the harsher and more indescriminate we are, the more we will send the populace into the arms of people who have even less interest in Iraqi democracy than Dick Cheney does. That's why I keep complaining about what we're doing. It's not any particular love for the revolutionary possibilities opened up by a bunch of religious fundamentalists armed to the teeth(if I wanted that I would have been far more in favor of the Militia movement here in the late 1990's). It's when we do things that are guaranteed to sully us morally and swell their ranks that I object.


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