Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Local Post Warning: Happy Effin' New Year Edition

The Baltimore Sun reports our first two homicides of the New Year. And just this morning I heard O'Malley on the radio claiming his greatest accomplishment is the reduction in the homicide rate, and his greatest failure is not reducing it enough.

Not that it matters much, but if he decides to run for Governor, I'm voting against him in the primaries, and if he gets the nomination I'll be voting Green. If I were BullMoose I'd probably say something slightly moralistic about political ambitions and civic duty and the conflict between them. I might even observe that O'Malley's threat to run demonstrates why no one takes politicians (in general) and Democrats (in particular) seriously as anything other than opportunistic jerks dead set on furthering their careers over serving the public interest. But I'm not. I just love my adopted home, and O'Malley made me B'lieve Hon, at least a little. I'd just like him to do the same.

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