Monday, January 03, 2005

You Don't Want To Come Home And We Don't Want You, But...

It's a New Year, and one of my resolutions was to be more tolerant and open-minded. (I do that every year, so now I've managed to expand the number of people I like to someplace between 50 and 100). In that spirit, on I go with Hitch watching because I can't help myself, but this time with a little bit of pleasure...

An interview with Hitchens on FrontPage(or "The Toilet Stall Of Internet Polemics" as we like to call it) finds him in rare form, or at least rare these days. In other words, there's a good paragraph or two in there. He manages a defense of Chomsky(I also prefer Noam's old stuff, for what it's worth). I suppose he has to be the "contrarian" and make sure to disagree with whomever is interviewing him. Tres' Punque!

I think he might have put his objection to Abu Gahrib a bit better though. I wish he'd point out that the same crowd that is so up in arms about moral relativism is the same crowd that feels it necessary to make the comparison between our actions at Abu Ghraib and Saddam's in order to say "it's not that bad." He does a great job on Iraq otherwise.

Babble babble, slow work day. It's worth a read to see the old man hasn't completely lost it.

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