Thursday, December 16, 2004

All Kerik All The Time!

No, not really. If you want that, go to No More Mr. Nice Blog, who has been comenting and linking to much of the Kerik news in the blogosphere. However, Steve Gilliard has a post today which details something else that is related but far more interesting. He talks at length (in a vicious tone that can only come from honest disgust) about Giuliani and Kerik, and how they've exploited 9/11 to make big bucks.

I was in SF on 9/11, and so watched much of the horror on CNN. No need to get into the details, but I was struck by how much credit Giuliani got for running around and mugging for the camera. The saddest part was that usually sensible people of my acquaintence would say to me "Giuliani was a hero that day." ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? He managed to avoid putting his own skin at risk while at the same time pretending he was doing something important. And it was obvious then that he, like any politico worth his salt, was going to take advantage of it.

I never understood why people thought Giuliani was any good before 9/11 either. When a big city mayor "gets tough on crime", it isn't normally because he has any interest in serving the populace. He does it because he wants to clear the field of the competition. And hey look! Kerik's been a good Captain(in the Soprano's sense of the word).

The elevation of two-bit hacks like Giuliani and Kerik to iconic status - and Bush's bringing them into the fold for "9/11 Symbolism" - demonstrates yet again what a total joke our politics has become.