Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oh So Minor

Yesterday I read this post on Sadly, No!, and stupidly followed their link to this post at trying to grok. The sentiments voiced in the post and the comments crawled so far up my nose that I felt compelled to respond, just to get the irritation out of my head. I really really tried not to care, but...

In the post, she quotes a penis measuring contest incited by Little Green Footballs(no link, but I'm sure you can find it) regarding how much money can be raised for the Friends Of Iraq Blogger Challenge. Something about how they'll raise more money than liberal blogs, blah blah. Then she gets down to business:

If you oppose the war, shouldn't you support helping Iraqis put their country back together? Regardless of whether Bush looks like a chimp or not, shouldn't the idea that someone is raising money to help the common people of Iraq be a good thing? If you believe the war was wrong, shouldn't you believe the people of Iraq were right and thus want to help them?

It's warmongers and chickenhawks who have raised $62865.72 so far for the people of Iraq. As far as I understand, there's not a lefty blog among the participants. I find that very sad.

My old roommate writes anti-war poems. I donated to Spirit of America. Which one of us has done more to help the people of Iraq?


Put aside the phony "can't we all just agree to do the right thing?" platitudes. Where were all these supposedly compassionate jerks in 1996-1999 when we were protesting the humanitarian catastrophe brought on by the sanctions and giving money to Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross, or any other number of NGO's that directly benefit Iraqis and others? What about when we donated to help refugees after the first war? Did they even care about the plight of the Iraqi people then? Of course not. More likely they were concerned with something far more petty and selfish, like their failing musical careers, or whether that shade of pink lipstick really did match those cute little boots(just to take two of them at random). Or maybe they were just too tied up in knots about the horrible thing Mr. C did with his dong to notice that the Iraqis were not doing all that well. And when people like me suggested to people like them that something needed to be done, or requested that they give a little bit of money to an organization that might help, they laughed: "Nuke'em till they glow! What do I care if those camel jockeys are starving? Why should I give MY HARD EARNED MONEY to them?" They needed explosions in their own country before they'd even pretend to notice that the world outside of their comfortable little exurbs might be a little bit troubled.

And how the eff do they even presume to think that I haven't been giving money to humanitarian NGO's ever since I've had a salary? What, just because someone doesn't give money to the NGO of these people's choosing, suddenly it's ok to just plain make crap up about a whole spectrum of people just because you didn't like your roommate? Grow the eff up.

I will conclude with the obvious: Miss Trying To Grok, continue with your valiant efforts. You're not there yet, but nothing good comes without struggle.

Nota Not-a Bummer: Luckily, people in comments there actually made similar points to what's written here, but it still needs repeating. People that populate places like TTG and LGF are phonies, pure and simple.